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July 1, 2010

My neighbors have perfect lawns. They aerate and chemically enhance them every year. And then they cut them with care.

My lawn is not quite trailer-trash quality, but it’s close. The front yard is almost entirely clover. Cottontail rabbits love it: they hang out in my yard and avoid my neighbors. My backyard is full of dandelions. Someday I’m going to dig them up and make dandelion wine. I hear its great. Or maybe I’ll include them in a salad.

I suppose I should pay more attention to my lawn, but life is too short. A lawn service cuts it for me. So the only time I think about grass is when I watch golf on TV in February; my lawn is then under two feet of snow. The fairways of Hawaii and the Caribbean are so lush that I’m almost tempted to do something to my lawn. Fortunately by late May I have successfully stifled that thought!

The World Cup has got me thinking again about grass. That’s because the turf at all the football/soccer venues in South Africa has been developed in Manitoba. Yeah, our Canadian soccer team won’t be there, but our grass will!

Pickseed, a company based in Lindsay, Ontario spent four years developing a special blend of thick and hardy grass for FIFA, grass that withstand the punishment of marauding soccer players. Or re-grow quickly if damaged.

What did Pickseed come up with? “Zoom perennial rygrass “and “SR4600 perennial ryegrass”; I don’t know what the names mean both evidently involve a secret formula of rye mixed with some Kentucky bluegrass. Believe it or not, they were produced by turf farmers in Beausejour, Ste.Anne, and Starbuck, Manitoba as well as a farm in the Red River Valley. Gotta be tough if they want to stand up to Manitoba winters and spring floods.

According to a company rep, these grasses are a nice, deep green color and are genetically engineered to be resistant to bugs and fungal disease.

Maybe I’ll resod my whole yard with this instead of paving it over with Astroturf.

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