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White Hairs of the World: Unite!

December 9, 2009

As I gazed at the crowd at a recent Nature Manitoba meeting, it struck me. I was in an overwhelming sea of white: white hair and white faces.

Where were the young, the middle-aged and the ethnic minorities? More importantly, how do we recruit them.

Class trips to the woods won’t cut it. They happen too rarely (if at all) and they’re imposed by authorities.

Kids today spend too much of their leisure time in confined spaces, technologically subdues, and overly regimented. They need to experience nature by other means than the internet and picture books.

My suggestion: the next time your grandchildren are dumped in your lap, take them for a fun trip to the woods. Get them to notice things and keep a list. And pay them a quarter every time thay add to their list.

White hairs of the world: unite!

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