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Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall …and other posts by Northwestern High Ecology Class

November 4, 2009

Goodbye summer and Hello Fall

By Sherry M.

Sugar Maple

I will miss swimming and fishing. The hot dry days have been unbearable. The last two days it has been raining a lot. But I will love to go jump in the leaves. I have to rake the leaves. I love to watch squirrels eat nuts and hedge balls.

Summer is the most fun time. I went to a friend’s birthday party this summer. The things I did at my friend’s birthday are hiding seek, singing, and dancing. I had to haul hay this summer. The people I hauled hay with are my sisters, mom, dad and brother. I had to help out my mom this summer. The things I helped her out with is taking out the trash, picking up trash.

Fall is the time of year that you can hunt. The people I hunt with are my dad, sisters and my brother. I love to watch the leaves turn colors in the fall.

The Two Headed Cow

By Sarah Jo B.

“Daddy, Daddy, my cow is having her calf! I went out to feed it and I think she’s in labor.”

“Alright, calm down Sally.”

So on that Sunday afternoon Sally and her father went out to the barn where the cow was having her baby.

“Push! Push!” As sally’s dad was talking to the cow he reached into the cow and tied a rope onto the calves legs. Then he pulled it out.

“It’s a boy Sally. Wait, does that cow have two heads?”

“Yes!” Screamed Sally.

This story is made up, but it becomes true to a lot of farmers. The two heads form because they were going to be twins and they just joined together. They share a body, but have their own eyes, ears, and mouths. I bet I know what you’re thinking. Can a real cow with two heads live? Well, yes they can. A cow gave birth to a two headed calf in Colombia. The cow that had the calf had already had several calves, and the owner had never seen this before. The calf lived, but the weight of its head was so heavy that the calf couldn’t hold it by itself. The owner built a hammock to support her.


By Cory C.

In the fall many ducks migrate south, such as the mallard the most common of the puddler duck family and my most favorite to hunt. They have many names such as greenhead because of their emerald green heads that put on an eye catching display in the morning.


I think that the best way to see these magnificent animals is to get up early in the morning and set up a blind on a river bank, lake side, by a pond or just in a corn or bean field while warming up with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and wait or call them in with a duck call. My favorite thing to do is hunt them but I often get side tracked watching because of their gracefulness while falling from the sky or just watching the way they act around each other.

I try to hunt in an area with an abundant food supply like a flooded forest full of oak trees, seeing how acorns are some of their favorite foods.

But don’t forget to just take some time to watch them.


By: Skyler R.
Mourning Dove
Doves are a very popular bird; they are found in 48 different states. Doves are found in every county in Missouri.

Doves in Missouri migrate in two different directions. Doves in Eastern Missouri go southwest. Doves in the western part of Missouri go to states like Texas, Mexico, and Central America.

The diet of doves consists of a variety of seeds, acorns, peas, beans, and insects. Out of all the plants doves prefer millet and sunflower.

You can hunt doves from September 1 through November 9. The shooting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise to sunset. The limit for a day is 12 doves.

I have only been dove hunting once but it was a blast but you have to be careful because they can be anywhere! We spooked quite a lot of them because we didn’t know they were sitting on top of the hill. We saw most of the doves in bean fields and sitting on power lines. When you go dove hunting you want to wear camouflage because if you don’t the doves will most likely see you. Then you probably won’t get a good shot at them.

This is some very interesting facts about doves. If you hunt doves be careful and be safe o yeah I almost forgot have fun!!

Chickadee- Fun to See, More Fun to Say

By: Mikeal T.

The chickadee is a very interesting little bird. This blog is going to be about the Black-capped chickadee. The bird has a solid black cap or top of head, with white cheeks, an off gray back, white stomach, dark gray wings, and a long tail. The males and females look alike except males are a little longer and bigger.

Black-capped Chickadee

An interesting fact about the chickadee is that in the cold it lowers its temperature 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit to save energy. Also in general the bird does not migrate.

The chickadee is a very curious little bird too. They will not stick around to eat though, they take their food elsewhere. They also fly in flocks with a bouncy up and down flight. The bird can be found anywhere that there is a tree or shrub, and nest in mostly birch or alder trees. The chickadee has to be one of my favorite little birds because they are simply awesome.

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