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Northwestern High School Ecology Class

October 28, 2009

Fall Fun

By Dakota A.

The summer has gone and past…now all the leaves are beginning to change colors and fall to the ground. It’s about September 22. The weather is not too cold and not too hot, all you really need on most days is a jacket and something comfortable. The kids are making leaf piles and jumping in like there is no tomorrow, couples are taking a walk through the park; the elderly are burning their leaves. It’s also nice just to sit back and watch a movie and drink some hot apple cider.

There is always something that reminds you of old memories in the fall; for me I love the smell of burning leaves it reminds of playing in the leaves with my dogs when I was younger. Making hot apple cider, and put a cinnamon stick in it. There are so many things you can do in the fall. Play some games with your family, go take a nature walk it’s a great time to stop and think about things. It’s quiet and peaceful. The fall is such a wonderful time of year.

A Fall Stroll

By Rachel B.

Autumn equinox usually falls near September 22.Fall is a loved season because of the colors. People like fall because of the weather. It’s usually a good time to sit and read a book.

You will see more couples walking in the park together. Then as you stroll you smell the burning leaves and it reminds you of Halloween. Then you see little kids with their friends playing in the piles of leaves: While their parents are raking their little scatter leaves into the pile again.

Then you see teenagers playing football outside and adults driving by while the leaves swirling up. This season will come and go as fast as the world spins. Sooner or later when you’re older you will realize life falls and swirls just like the leaves off of your autumn tree.

Summer to Fall

By Ashley S.

Summer is a good time. You have so much fun: vacation, trips and just hanging with friends. It’s like you want it to last forever but it’s only for a while. Summer is so wonderful – the nice weather and playing outside. But when summer turns into fall it’s not as fun. Yes, it’s still nice weather but winter is right after it and that’s not so good. Fall is a good season because the leaves turn so pretty, such wonderful colors, or just no color at all – they fall off the trees. Also, fall is when students go back to school how excited they must be. Sports start in fall time too, like basketball, softball, baseball, and then comes track. So many things to choose from. Fall and summer are the best seasons, good weather, and good changes to the world for the colors. Summer is pretty necessary because that’s how you get most of your food. It’s the time of year to plant gardens and crops. This is what I think of Summer to Fall.

By Patrik S.

Have you ever heard of ethanol? I am sure you have, now what about formaldehyde? In case you haven’t, it is a toxic chemical used in the embalming process. Now if I told you the ethanol, as it is produced now, released formaldehyde into the atmosphere, what would you say? Well as it turns out, it is true, corn ethanol releases it into the atmosphere, as well as other toxic chemicals. It may not release smog forming gases, but it is still polluting the air we breathe. This isn’t the only way it harms the environment either, as the corn, which is necessary for its production, is grown, toxic pesticides and herbicides are used, which can end up in streams and rivers. So the next time you decide to use ethanol products, think about your future, and think about the environment.

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